use and maintenance

- If leather surface is dirty, we suggest to dry brush leather surface off.
- If leather surface is very dirty, please wet brush with water.
- Do NOT use any degreasing cleaner or nitro based diluent or similar.
- NEPAL suede leather comes with a water repellent treatment which usually does NOT need to be renewed. If you desire to use a waterproofer product on NEPAL leather surface, please only use water or silicone based products. Any other kind of product could seriously compromise water repellent properties.
- It is strongly recommended to NOT use on NEPAL suede leather any kind of product which is oil based, animal grease based or similar.
- It is strongly recommended to NOT use in contact with acid liquids or powders (i.e. hydrated lime).
- In case the leather is wet, we recommend to let it slowly dry at room temperature, keep it far from heat such as fires, fireplaces, heaters or radiators.